Just as you seek professional assistance and guidance regarding health, legal, and financial matters, utilizing EnviroFor, LLC. professional forest and wildlife managers will afford you decades of experience in managing your forest today…… and tomorrow.


Have you thought of the value of your renewable forest resources? Timber is a very valuable resource that forest economists compare favorably to other long-term investments. Historically, over the past 70 years the stock market has yielded an annual rate of return of about 10 %.


Proper forest management will provide similar results, but only through proper planning. The majority of forest landowners have considered selling timber at some point in time. Many are unsure of the process, or more importantly, afraid of not being treated fairly. EnviroFor, LLC. specializes in assisting private, corporate, and governmental forest landowners with the complex process of selling timber.


* Nationally, it is estimated that forest landowners receive about 24 % higher returns when employing a consulting forester to sell timber. EnviroFor, LLC. has sold timber that exceeded 100% higher returns than landowners expected value based on their perception of timber value.

"What is YOUR timber worth?"

Unless a forest landowner can claim the same level of knowledge as a timber buyer, it pays to utilize professional assistance. EnviroFor, LLC. staff background includes state government, buying timber and supervising logging operations for a global forest products corporation and consulting. These experiences have allowed EnviroFor, LLC. staff to gain biological and business knowledge to better serve our clientele. We’ve witnessed the “good, the bad, and the ugly” in the timber business and use that background knowledge to better assist private forest landowners.


Timber harvesting through thinnings and regeneration cuts is a tool that foresters have long utilized to regulate the health of a forest. Naturally, a forest will thin itself over time, but harvesting at proper intervals will maintain forest growth in a vigorous condition. Trees that are at peak growth are better able to “ward off” attacks by insects and disease.


* Individual results depend upon quality, quantity, future markets, and value. Results will also vary based on timing and market conditions at the time of sale.

Money REALLY does grow on trees!

"What is YOUR timber worth?"